Multicultural social events

Multilingual group gathering at party
Unieros makes it easy to connect with diverse people

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World music, international art events, multicultural fashion show events in Savannah, Georgia and Chicago, Illinois.

Are you an artist, foodie, or musician?

We are seeking creative participants for our events. Send us your contact information. We will consider your participation in an upcoming Unieros multicultural event.

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Diverse people at picnic seated in grass waving Colombian flag and Puerto Rican flag
Meet other global minds at a relaxing picnic

Unieros picnics in the park with diverse people from around the world. Unieros picnics are great way to chat, learn about other cultures and share foods with people from different backgrounds.

Mexican Son band on stage at Unieros world music concert
Enjoy World Music Event

Music is the universal language we all speak. During this event you will hear music from different cultural backgrounds. Whether you speak English, Hindi, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, or Gullah you will find a tune in your language.

Group of culturally diverse friends smiling at Turkish dinner event
Taste foods from the world kitchen

Taste foods from around the world. Our ethnic dining experiences are unique to your palate. If you enjoy Jamaican food, Indian cuisine, Mexican food this event is for you. Plus, its not unheard of that we break out dancing after a dinner.

Models dressed in Asian, Ethiopian, American fashion
Attend a Multicultural Art & Fashion Show

Each of our heritage represents roots from cultures near and far. Unieros 'Roots' art show brings diverse artists together celebrate each others heritage expressions. Our past "Roots Art Show" featured works by Native American artists, African American, European art.