Greek foods to try at Taste Greektown Chicago

Greek Festival Chicago

Greek flag

Chicago's annual Taste of Greektown Chicago festival offers plenty options to explore Greek food and culture. With so many options for food, you can get overwhelmed with choices.

Below are some tips for your taste buds among the top restaurants participating in the Taste Greektown festival in Chicago.

Athena Greek Restaurant ( If you want to try traditional Greek foods with a modern twist, at Athena Greek restaurant try an authentic Greek dish like Dolmades made of rice, ground beef wrapped in a grape leaves.

9 Muses Bar & Grill ( @9museschicago
For the meat lovers, 9 Muses Bar & Grill is place to get beef kabobs, chicken, pork chops and a variety of marinated porks. Along with the meats come potatoes and Greek loukaniko, a type of pork sausage.

Parthenon ( If you want to "Dine Like Gods" as their says, the Parthenon restaurant is place for you. Their menu offers a plethora of dishes for everyone. From seafood, lamb, poultry and more. Among the traditional Greek dishes to is the Moussaka, a baked dish made of eggplants, meat sauce and cheese.

Roditys Restaurant ( Feel like homecook meal? Rodity's is a cozy and warm restaurant that serves traditional Greek foods. Try Keftedes, Greek meatballs along with the other main staples from Greece.

Santorini ( Named after one of the Greek Island, Santorini has more than 20 seafood options flown in fresh daily.

Breakfast Foods From Around the World

World Breakfast

What do you eat for breakfast in your country? Around the world people eat different things for their first meal of the day.


Some of the breakfast foods include around the world include: hard-boiled eggs, bread and sausages in Germany, rye bread and porridge in Russia, tortilla and eggs in Mexico, and cornflakes and toast with jam in Australia. Watch the world breakfast foods video by Burak Eskoglu.

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Posted by Burak Eskioğlu on Tuesday, April 7, 2015