Unieros Startup News: New Podcast, Picnics Summer 2016

Unieros Podcast

You may have been wondering what's happening with Unieros since our Re-Start Event in January. From that event we took your survey feedback and have plans to improve how Unieros brings you together.

First, we will be hosting our popular summer picnics in the parks starting in June. Sign up for our newsletter to get more Unieros picnic invitations.

Second, we will be expanding our technology to facilitate connections with you all. Look out for new web application.

Third, we are hosting a podcast to keep you informed on the latest events, featuring conversations with people from different cultures.

Episode 1: Unieros Past, Present and Startup Future

Stay tuned for more updates.

Breakfast Foods From Around the World

World Breakfast

What do you eat for breakfast in your country? Around the world people eat different things for their first meal of the day.


Some of the breakfast foods include around the world include: hard-boiled eggs, bread and sausages in Germany, rye bread and porridge in Russia, tortilla and eggs in Mexico, and cornflakes and toast with jam in Australia. Watch the world breakfast foods video by Burak Eskoglu.

ülkeler ve kahvaltı kültürü/countries and breakfast culture.

Posted by Burak Eskioğlu on Tuesday, April 7, 2015